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Our onsite team strives to provide our residents the ultimate living experience and encourages feedback to ensure the lifestyle you want is the lifestyle you receive – at The Griffin Scottsdale.

“Absolutely love living here. Great community feel and amenities are awesome. The apartment complex offers different seasonal activities for the community to enjoy. “

– Britney Byfield –

  • “Love living at the Griffin. Our apartment is super nice and spacious and overlooks the dog park where our lab mix plays. I also love using the pool.”

    – Mila I.

  • “Our maintenance team is very helpful. José is readily available to assist in times of need. Andri is very friendly, but we could use more schedule resident events. I think everyone would like that.”

    – Julia L.

  • “Pool is one of the best. Gym is clean and motivating. Pool table in the lobby is fun but hey let’s get ping pong going here. Any takers! All residents are respectful and friendly.”

    – Richard A.

  • “I have seen improvements in the last few months based on resident feedback. I appreciate The Griffin’s effort to make our apartment a better place to live. Cheers!”

    – Mackenzie P.

  • “Great overall experience one month in, The parking garage situation is frustrating as there’s no spots anytime after 5pm it feels like. The hallways and entry ways are always clean. Love it so far!”

    – Anna Q.

  • “Amazing experience so far! Andre is amazing and the complex is beautiful! The pool area is nice and always clean, very friendly environment!”

    – Michael L.

  • “Been going awesome no complaints and community director has been great! Love the residents and all of the awesome events we get to do together!!”

    – Zachary J.

  • “This building is truly one of a kind. I have met so many incredible friends because of this building, as well as my now fiancé! The community that has been created here is unlike any other apartment complex and your neighbors feel like family. Andri the GM has done such an amazing job working with the residents to provide an awesome living environment and goes above and beyond to do everything he possibly can to make sure everyone here is well taken care of. So many of us have been living here since the building opened in 2019 and are planning on staying here as long as possible. Throughout management changes, and a pandemic, Andri really made an effort to take care of the residents of the building and we could not thank him enough.”

    – Hannah-Grace A.

  • “I love my little home at the Griffin, and my friends do too when they visit – the pool is always fun, it’s always cozy with the coffee area, gym, and amenities. Everything is clean, the maintenance crew is so nice and friendly. Planning to sign again when my lease is up :)”

    – LeeAndra B.

  • “Solid experience so far! Andri is super cool and understanding. Friendly community, people want to engage and meet others. Location is about as it gets!”

    – Blake Q.

  • “Love the tall ceilings, brand new appliances and the gas stove in the apartment. Haven’t been able to use all the amenities yet but they look great and looking forward to it.”

    – Harsh V.

  • “Lived in the building since June 2019, seen a lot of changes since then! We have a fun, and very lively community here. We went through Covid together and management had to shut all the common spaces down. During that time, stress and confusion was high and the tenants clashed with management about when we can use the building facilities we were paying for. At first, tensions were high and I personally had many conversations with Andri about our need for getting back to normal. Once things relaxed and we were allowed back into the common spaces, Andri was more than willing to help make our lease here fun and enjoyable again. He asked for suggestions on events we could do and really gave an effort to make everyone happy. We had Ugly Sweater Parties, Friendsgiving, St. Patty’s day parties, and every weekend has a lively pool scene. The Gym, Courtyard, Lobby, Dog Park are maintained well by the staff. Can’t say enough about the tenants though, we have some fun people in this building!”

    – Robert G.

  • “Everything has been great so far! I wish the gym had a bench press machine though. It would also be cool if the parking spots were assigned by the floor that you live on.”

    – Hoang L.

  • “I just moved in last month and am absolutely loving it so far. The actual apartment is so cute and the building has great amenities. 10/10 definitely recommend moving in”

    – Megan D.

  • “Wonderful amenities all around! And could not recommend living here enough! Our dog even loves it due to the dog run area where they all get to meet and play.”

    – Nichole L.

  • “Very friendly staff and great amenities. The views from the top patio are terrific. Also, living somewhere as hot as AZ, it’s nice to have a garage to park in to protect my vehicle from sun damage.”

    – Andrea K.

  • “Enjoying my time at The Griffin so far! Very friendly residents and amazing amenities. I would recommend this as a place to live to anyone looking in the Scottsdale area!”

    – Alex B.

  • “Nice building. Reasonable rent. Nice community events planned, including fight night, happy hours, pot lucks, etc. Need cameras in garage and better process to ensure only paid residents park”

    – Karen B.

  • “We just moved in over the long holiday weekend. So far so good. Moving was a little hot. But drank lots of water. I have to hit a character count.”

    – Jagger C.

  • “Common areas are well taken cafe of. Clean and well kept. close to bars restaurants and other attractions. The building is in a safe area, family and singles welcomed.”

    – Richard A.

  • “Overall I like living here. It feels like a real community. Maintenance team is really friendly. There are reoccurring issues with billing on the portal which is frustrating”

    – Genevieve P.

  • “Everything to moving in and the service has been fantastic. All the amenities are incredibly well looked after and kept clean all the time. Building staff have been very quick to help out with any issues.”

    – Timothy L.

  • “Resigned my lease despite a challenging year. I love living here and the staff really seems to be making an effort to make this a great complex.”

    – Rachel F.

  • “Living here has been great! The staff are always very friendly and happy to help. The amenities are awesome and the food trucks are the best!”

    – Rachel A.

  • “So far so good, have had great chats with all of the leasing staff and am very impressed with the community and it’s up keep. Great job during Covid”

    – Miles J.

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