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Our onsite team strives to provide our residents the ultimate living experience and encourages feedback to ensure the lifestyle you want is the lifestyle you receive – at The Griffin Scottsdale.

“Absolutely love living here. Great community feel and amenities are awesome. The apartment complex offers different seasonal activities for the community to enjoy. “

– Britney Byfield –

  • “Such a great place to live. Pet friendly, a lot of grills and common space with great views. The folk at the front desk are amazing and super helpful.”

    – Jesus M.

  • “Personally, so far so good, however: 1. I would like management to communicate to the residents more actively when amenities are closed and updates re-opening, when potential future apartment events are happening, or any updates or changes in general. 2. It would really help if management can reduce the pain on rent renewal increases. I know market has gone way up, but anything helps. The more management helps the residents, the better exposure The Griffin has to potential new tenants.”

    – Mohit B.

  • “Thinking of resigning our lease because it’s such a great place to live. Gym exceeds all other apartment gyms out there. Safe community and walking to everywhere.”

    – Katelyn C.

  • “The maintenance team really is amazing – we had a lot of requests the past few months and they are quick to respond. The hot tub has been broken for at least 4 months, during the months we would use it in Arizona which has been frustrating paying for amenities that are broken including multiple treadmills in the gym.”

    – Tayler B.

  • “So far so good! I really enjoy being part of griffin community:) Neibour’s and management are very nice 😊 I wish I rented a one bedroom apartment that had some storage !”

    – Fatemeh F.

  • “We love living here and being so close to Old Town Scottsdale! There are so many places that we can conveniently walk to and it’s nice to entertain guests as well!”

    – Brooklyn B.

  • “Lots of friendly people live here! Very pleasant place to live. It’s very clean and you can tell the staff cares about their residents. Thank you!”

    – Macy B.

  • “I enjoy the community here, but it would be nice to have resident events like we used to. In the past we had many resident events that we gave input on almost every month.”

    – Julia L.

  • “Great staff. Excellent location in Old Town Scottsdale. Love the dog run:) Reasonable rent. No problems with parking. Quiet so far! Recommend.”

    – Helen M.

  • “My experience has been pretty decent at the Griffin. I’ve had previous concerns about a lack of security and some issues with excessive noise from neighbors, but all seems to have been resolved. I have noticed a decline in the overall cleanliness around the building. For example, the floors have not been cleaned in the hallways and the sidewalk has not been sprayed in the dog park area in quite some time. This is slightly embarrassing when having guests over.”

    – Jaclyn R.

  • “So far living in the Griffin has been nothing short of amazing! Management is always friendly and willing to help. Maintenance is taken care of promptly when needed. The amenities are always clean and residents are all kind to one another.”

    – Theresa R.

  • “One of the biggest frustrations living here is the mail room. I’ve been a resident for 1.5 years and have never once seen a system that worked. Other than that, I enjoy my personal space here just wish people respected the community areas more.”

    – Megan A.

  • “The move in process was extremely easy. Staff was extremely nice, responsive, and helpful. I can not wait to move into my new apartment!!!!”

    – Piper W.

  • “Best experience ever. I’m hoping we will be able to renew our lease because it’s location is EVERYTHING! Amazing features. For being someone who likes to workout, this place has the best gym’”

    – Katelyn C.

  • “The elevator has been broken a lot lately and it’s been really hard to take my dogs outside with living on the fourth floor. It’s a lot to try to take them down the stairs so I’m really hoping the elevator gets fixed soon!”

    – Brooklyn B.

  • “So far so good! I just wish my hot water in the shower didn’t run out so fast 🙁 Other than that, no complaints! Everyone is very friendly here!”

    – Macy B.

  • “I enjoy all the trash services, friendly staff, and clean landscaping that is provided. Plus having a nice community of people living a big plus!”

    – Austin L.

  • “Too many pet noises, it becomes more& more after more people move in Too many pet noises, it becomes more& more after more people move Too many pet noises, it becomes more& more after more people move in Too many pet noises, it becomes more& more after more people move in”

    – Shuang G.

  • “Nice location, cool interior design, everyone seems friendly. There have been some things that have broken that take some time to fix, but management seems on top of it”

    – Nicole W.

  • “Love the apartment. Beautiful, spacious and clean. Love the layout. The building is also pretty amazing. Just love it and I know I will be here for a while”

    – Corey C.

  • “I am moving out in May due to plenty of negative reasons. But, overall my experience has been alright. The Griffin feels like home; there is a community here who looks out for each other and the maintenance staff is incredible. On multiple occasions Jose came to fix things for me and always did it with a smile on his face. I am thankful for my experience here, but it is time to move on.”

    – Mackenzie P.

  • “I love our apartment. But I’m constantly frustrated with the common area facilities. We pay a lot to live here and the pool isn’t heated (when we were told it would be) AND the hot tub is broken. This has been going on for weeks, if not months. Management has zero urgency to get it fixed. What if I had zero urgency to pay rent? You can’t call the Griffin a luxury apartment complex if things are constantly broken here. We shouldn’t be paying for things we can’t even use. I’ve told many friends not to live here because of this. Super frustrating.”

    – Mila I.

  • “Everyone is very friendly! It’s surprisingly really quiet most of the time despite being so close to Old Town Scottsdale! It’s the perfect location!”

    – Brooklyn B.

  • “Best place to live ever. I always feel safe and it is so nice to be walking distance to all my favorite restaurants and shops. Gym and amenities is my favorite!”

    – Katelyn C.

  • “This is a great place to live. I just Wish that some Of the residents would care as much about this place as much as the staff and other residents do.”

    – Jesus M.

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