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Our onsite team strives to provide our residents the ultimate living experience and encourages feedback to ensure the lifestyle you want is the lifestyle you receive – at The Griffin Scottsdale.

“Absolutely love living here. Great community feel and amenities are awesome. The apartment complex offers different seasonal activities for the community to enjoy. “

– Britney Byfield –

  • “Awesome staff up front in the office and awesome neighbors! Going on 3 years and it has been great! No complaints at all. Everybody has been very friendly.”

    – Zachary J.

  • “I’ve enjoyed living here the past several years. For the most part, it’s pretty quiet. There are definitely times where the hallways get loud or I can hear my neighbors, but it’s to be expected living in old town. Rent going up so much is pretty disappointing.”

    – Rachel F.

  • “Everything was great until the dishwasher fiasco. I’m still without a working dishwasher two months later. I understand that the front office is not at fault. I love our front office but corporate could really care less about us and our day-to-day. We are just numbers to them. Easily replaceable with little to no recourse for mistreatment.”

    – Matsemela M.

  • “This building is beautiful and very well maintained. Staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. The building puts on events that are engaging and memorable”

    – Richard A.

  • “Quiet, nice weight room and nice lobby area. Apartment is near restaurants, mall and golf courses. Good neighbors who are friendly and interact well.”

    – Geremy D.

  • “Not enough good things to say about this place. So nicely maintained, friendly staff, helpful. The amenities are great. Couldn’t find a better apartment complex gym either!”

    – Katelyn C.

  • “Great amenities and very well kept! The staff is extremely responsive and attentive. The location is great, it is close to so many great restaurants and things to do!”

    – Michael P.

  • “Loud sometimes but nice people overall. The community events have been much better than when I first moved in. I think the stair wells and halls could be cleaned more as there is frequently trash and other things just left there, sometimes for days”

    – Hailey W.

  • “Awesome!! Love everything about the place, neighborhood and the nearby stores/restaurants. Parking is always available. When requesting services they are answered expeditiously.”

    – Aftab B.

  • “We love living here at the Griffin and so do our dogs! We love how pet friendly it is and how our dogs have made so many friends playing outside. Having a large space for the dogs to run around has made us so happy we chose the Griffin to call home!”

    – Brooklyn B.

  • “No complains at all, excellent location and great amenities. I have been living here for almost two years and major issues or complains. Recommended”

    – Ricardo R.

  • “Clean and friendly staff. The amenities are great. Located close by some nice restaurants and bars and tasting rooms. Plenty of great residents here as well.”

    – Richard A.

  • “i am loving my experience here so far! great atmosphere, great people, great neighborhood. walking distance to lits of bars and restaurants while still feeling safe”

    – Bailey B.

  • “Our property manager Andri has organized and promoted so many community events to engage everyone. By far the best complex I’ve ever lived in. Everyone is friendly and close to everything I needed. Club deck and Clubhouse is a great place to hang out. Love The Griffin!!!”

    – Kevin T.

  • “We’ve only been a month, but so far so good! Staff, maintenance, neighbors are all super friendly. The apartments are beautiful and location is great.”

    – Amanda T.

  • “Love living here! I’ve been here for over two years. I love the location, amenities, and staff. Andri does a great job with managing the property!”

    – Elisabeth S.

  • “The gym. The gym. The gym. State of the art and amazing! I love the utilities as well. Where else has gas stoves in an apartment complex!!!”

    – Katelyn C.

  • “Everyone’s been super friendly, amenities are great, and we love our apartment interior! It’s been really easy living here and the location is also really nice.”

    – Nicole W.

  • “I love living here! The building is clean, updated, and very secure! My unit is exactly what I was looking for. The location is amazing and within walking distance from everything in old town!”

    – Sara S.

  • “The location of these luxury apartments doesn’t get much better! The amenities are great, only suggestion would be to add a peloton to the workout room!”

    – Tayler B.

  • “Community director is nice. Staff at the front could be more knowledgeable (they always just refer me to talk to the director and leave messages for me but I never hear back). Community amenities are nice but the package room is a mess and should be organized differently. Noise levels are relatively low but after hours parties could be managed better”

    – Adina D.

  • “Renewed lease, but the process wasn’t seamless. Great apartment complex. Maintenance is quick to respond. Not all Apts have a screen on patio doors.”

    – Valerie L.

  • “Lots of amenities. I really love the office space in the lobby. The hallways and stairwells are pretty messy. Lots of trash is my only complaint.”

    – Genevieve P.

  • “Recently had some issues with noise. After speaking with management, the issues were addressed and thankfully the noise has subsided. It’s always nice to have management that listens to your concerns and helps to solve the problem.”

    – Rachel F.

  • “Everything is great here at the Griffin Scottsdale. Top notch property, staff, neighbors…it’s a great place to live. I Would highly recommend.”

    – Daniel W.

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